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Safety Certification (Red Book) materials

Officials' Education (all are in PDF format):


(all are in PDF format):


Targets (all are in PDF format):

Course maps:

1. Lowery to long Heckman (3.7km) [GIF] [PDF]  
2. Lowery to long Wilson (2.4km) [GIF] [PDF]  
3. Lowery to Heckman (2.15km) [GIF] [PDF]  
4. Lowery to Wilson (1.6km) [GIF] [PDF]  
5. Lowery to Meadow (0.9km) [GIF] [PDF] Range detail: [GIF] [PDF]
6. Swenson to Wilson (2.2km) [GIF] [PDF]  
7. Swenson to long Wilson (3.0km) [GIF] [PDF]  
8. Swenson to Heckman (2.75km) [GIF] [PDF]  
9. Donnor cut-off to Heckman (3.25km) [GIF] [PDF]  
10. Donnor cut-off to long Wilson (3.5km) [GIF] [PDF]  
11. Donnor cut-off to Wilson (2.7km) [GIF] [PDF]  
12. Meadow to long Wilson (2.3km) [GIF] [PDF]  
13. Meadow to Davis (1.0km) [GIF] [PDF] Range detail: [GIF] [PDF]
14. Munchkin loop (0.35km) [GIF] [PDF] Range detail: [GIF] [PDF]
15. Lowery to Quinlan Crippler to Wilson (2.0km) [GIF] [PDF]  
16. Swenson to Quinlan Crippler to Wilson (2.6km) [GIF] [PDF]  
17. Swenson to Quinlan Crippler to Long Wilson (3.4km) [GIF] [PDF]  
18. Measurements [GIF] [PDF] Range detail: [GIF] [PDF]
19. Lowery to Davis (1.1km) [GIF] [PDF]  

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