[Members] Range chief needed Jan 14-15 weekend (remember: "chiefs" race all season FREE)

bwoodard brian.j.woodard at gmail.com
Sun Dec 18 21:25:19 EST 2011

This email is a specifically a request for a range chief for the upcoming
January 14th and 15th two-day race weekend. You can split this job with
another person so you can race.

*Things to remember about volunteering*:
1) Our races don't happen without volunteers
2) You get a free trail pass
3) You can still race by sharing volunteer duties with another person
4) You do not need any biathlon experience and anyone is capable of all
5) And most importantly - volunteers for what we call "chief" positions
race for FREE the entire season
6) Sneaky loophole: you can get another person to serve as a chief in your
place and YOU race for free (significant others and friends, this is your
time to shine!)

Continue reading below if I have your attention but you're not convinced.
If you don't require more persuasion, email me with your range chief (and
free racing!) interest and I can describe the position.

January 14th and 15th is a two day event. Note, you do not need to
participate both days. Two races is twice the fun but also twice the work.

If you have yet to volunteer for a CBC event, now is the time. And if you
didn't catch the above detail, *if you volunteer as a "chief positions" for
a race, YOU RACE THE ENTIRE SEASON FOR FREE*. And specifically, if you
serve as a chief for a race later in the season, you still race for free
for all races before your "chiefing" race. Note, you can split your chief
role with someone else so that you can still race, which means you would be
a co-chief for two races to qualify for free CBC racing this season AND you
get someone to server for you as a chief.

If you are not interested in serving as range chief but would like to help,
we can use a timing volunteer. Note, timing is not a chief position that
earns free racing.



Brian Woodard
brian.j.woodard at gmail.com
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