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Kyle Boschen kboschen at boschenlaw.com
Tue Dec 27 11:32:42 EST 2011

We hope that everyone is enjoying the holidays!!

We are writing to remind everyone about the race this Saturday (see the announcement below) and that online registration is available at www.coloradobiathlon.org<http://www.coloradobiathlon.org>.  At the home page, just click on the "race and event schedule" link on the left side and then you will see another link to register online (or just see Julia's prior email about registration).  Registering online is very simple and strongly encouraged (we don't want to beg you to register online but we will if we must), so please go and register now if you intend to race.

Thanks and see you for a fun day on Saturday!!!

Mary and Kyle Boschen

Co-Chiefs of Competition



The Mass Start is one of the most exciting formats in Biathlon racing as the entire wave of racers leaves the start line at the same time for a five lap race with four shooting  bouts.  At the end of each of the first two laps, you will shoot Prone.  At the end of the third and fourth laps, you will shoot Standing (except for the kids who will always shoot Prone).  You then will ski as fast as you can on your final lap to the finish where the first person to cross the line wins the race (of course, we plan to track everyone’s race time and shooting statistics which will  be posted with the results).


We have put together the following courses which we hope will get your juices flowing:

1.  Men 15k - Laps 1,3,5 - Swenson-Heckman http://www.coloradobiathlon.org/courses/8.pdf; Laps 2,4 Swenson-Lowery-Biathlon-Just-Wilson http://coloradobiathlon.org/courses/6.pdf - use this map for guidance but you will take a slight detour by making a left on Lowery and heading to the bottom of Biathlon hill where you will turn right and head up the hill where you will turn left on Just and will have completed the detour as you head down Just and turn right up “short” Wilson to get back to the range

2.  Women/Junior Men 12.5k - Laps 1,3,5 - Swenson-Crippler-Wilson http://coloradobiathlon.org/courses/swenson_crippler_wilson.pdf; Laps 2,4 - Lowery-Heckman http://coloradobiathlon.org/courses/3.pdf

3.  Junior Women/Youth Men 10k - Laps 1,3,5 - Lowery-Heckman http://coloradobiathlon.org/courses/3.pdf; Laps 2,4 - Lowery-Wilson http://coloradobiathlon.org/courses/4.pdf

4.  Youth Women 7.5k - 5 X Lowery-Wilson


      5.  Kids - 3 laps of Lowery-Meadow http://coloradobiathlon.org/courses/5.pdf

Adults have the option to race any of the first 4 courses listed above.  The results will reflect the course that you raced.


Registration on-line will be available shortly (please keep your eye on your email inbox for a notice from Julia).  We would greatly appreciate it if all adult participants would pre-register on-line.  It will greatly assist us in running an efficient race day operation. Thanks in advance for taking the time to do this.


9:00am – 9:45am   Check-in/Bib pick-up at the range; Kids race day registration (Adults please revisit my above plea regarding pre-registration on-line)

9:45am – 10:30am  Zero

10:35am           Pre-Race Meeting with final details

10:45am           First Wave

11:45am (Approx.) Second Wave


We would love the help of any and all who are able.  Our wonderful races cannot happen without a lot of helping hands.  If you are new to the sport or just love to support your racing family member or friend, this is a great way to be involved in the day.  We will happily help you become comfortable with your duties so that you have a wonderful time being part of an awesome racing experience.

Please do not hesitate to contact us (kboschen at boschenlaw.com<mailto:kboschen at boschenlaw.com>) with any questions.

We hope to see many familiar and new faces for a fun day of racing!!!

Mary and Kyle Boschen
Co-Chiefs of Competition

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