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Kyle Boschen kboschen at boschenlaw.com
Sat Dec 31 17:58:43 EST 2011

Hi All,

When we were on our way to SMR early this morning, we remained optimistic that everything would come together for today's race.  However, upon arrival at the nordic center, we realized that the chances of racing were slim.  The wind was howling across the grounds and blowing snow sideways.  Visibility was bad and the trails were blown over.  The thought of having volunteers standing out there in the cold wind for hours, trying to keep scopes and rifles from getting blown away, and attempting to set up the range for what would be a very challenging zero period, all seemed to point toward postponing the race.  We then spoke with Shawn (the master groomer) at SMR.  Shawn said that they wouldn't be able to groom anything in time for the race (he thought that it would be fruitless to attempt anyway) and that he was heading out to cut trees that had fallen.  At the time that we spoke to Shawn, at least one of the fallen trees had blocked one of our race trails (Swenson).  All of these factors led to the unfortunate decision that had to be made.  We are sorry that so many traveled so far only to learn that holding the race would not be possible.

As Walter has already indicated, your entry fee is good for the rescheduled race tomorrow or any future race.  You will receive a refund if you prefer.  As for tomorrow's race, we will be proceeding under the same plans and schedule that we were going to follow today.  We just spoke with Tom (the nordic center director) at SMR, and he said that we are good to go for tomorrow.  While we understand that it will not be possible for everyone to come back out tomorrow, we hope that most of you can and look forward to enjoying what looks to be a nice day for racing.

If you were going to race today and know that you definitely will not be participating in tomorrow's race, please let us know if you can.  We are preparing a revised start list and would like to have it in as correct a state as possible prior to the race tomorrow.

Thank you all for your understanding of the disappointing decision that had to be made today.  Let's hope that this is the last time we are faced with these problems and that in the future we have nothing but the blue skies and perfectly groomed trails that we are accustomed to.

See you tomorrow!!!

Mary and Kyle Boschen

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