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Walter Warwick walter.warwick at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 20:46:30 EST 2011

Hi CBCers,

  In case you haven't already heard, conditions at Snow Mountain Ranch are
excellent right now. Fresh corduroy all around the range yesterday; and
enough coverage for race skis. Despite the depressingly sunny forecast, I
reckon there should be fine skiing throughout the holiday weekend (see
http://www.ymcarockies.org/smrtrails.htm for trail updates). I'd also like
to remind CBC members to present their membership cards at SMR for a
variety of discounts at the Nordic center (up to 20% on retail items).
Closer to the front range, Boulder Nordic Sport (
http://www.bouldernordicsport.com/) is offering 10% off for club members on
everything excluding hand-selected skis and sale items. So, if you haven't
already, renew your CBC membership (
http://www.coloradobiathlon.org/forms/memberform.pdf ), present your
membership card and reap the rewards!

  Finally, our second certification clinic is just around the corner
(December 3rd) and our first race just two weeks after that. If you know
anyone interested is taking up the sport, be sure to tell them about the
cert. clinic and point them toward the web page (www.coloradobiathlon.org)
for details.

See you at the range,
Walter, CBC President
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