[Members] Saturday potluck reminder

Elizabeth Pike elizabeth.j.pike at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 11:58:44 EST 2012

Hello all!  I just wanted to remind everyone about the potluck on Saturday
night in between the state champs races.  See below for more details.

We have gotten permission from Tom Merkt and the CCO staff to use the
upstairs of the nordic center for a potluck dinner on Saturday, February
18.  All are welcome!  Please bring friends and family; there will be
plenty of space for all.  Please don't worry if you are staying in a motel
or lodge room without a kitchen to prepare something.  Bring a side dish or
dessert and that will be a very welcome contribution.  I have created a
google spreadsheet
you can see what we have and what we still might need. If you have
plates and utensils that you can easily bring, please do that.  I will have
some extras for people to borrow.  If anyone has a screen and projector, I
have lots of great biathlon footage on my laptop that we could show.
See you soon!
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