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Dean Cahow Dean at vantagexp.com
Fri Feb 17 12:22:35 EST 2012

Dear CBC,

Please accept this addendum to our previous communiqué regarding results of the 2012 CBC Relay.  I would be remiss if I didn't transmit the following correction and comment.

Point 1:  Regarding the nod to John Hammer as "Best Shooter, Senior"; John was indeed a 100% target killer (0,0).  However, I failed to recognize that he was not the only Senior competitor to do so.  Respect and awe are also deserved by Julia Collins and Bruce Schnabel for knockin' em all down.  Fine shooting, comrades!

Point 2:  Under the heading 'Swimming with Sharks' a Booyah! is in order for Max Liles.  Max is a Junior (age 14) who teamed up with Senior 'mate Rudy Schuster to compete in the Open Team category amid 37 Senior racers, acquitting himself admirable over the distance and in the results.

Good Luck to all at States this weekend.

Dean Cahow

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Dear CBC,

Attached please find placement results from the 2012 CBC Relay Event of January 28.  As soon as they are available, final results in our regular spreadsheet format will be posted at www.coloradobiathlon.org<http://www.coloradobiathlon.org>.  To those of you who competed at the 2012 Relay, well done and Hoozah!  To those of you who made the event possible with your volunteer support, we thank you once again as sincerely as before.

Supplemental to the tabled data, here is a selection of performance highlights from the 2012 Relay Event.

Fastest 15.6km 2-Racer Team, Senior Men: Dave Cleveland and Brian Woodard (63:20)
Fastest 15.6km 2-Racer Team, Senior Women: Jenny Abraham and Sarah Konrad (68:32)
Fastest 15.6km 2-Racer Team, Senior Mixed: Ben Blaugrund and Mirka Gores (73:02)
Fastest 15.6km 1-Racer Team, there was but one, a very fast one:  Robert Killian and himself (62:33)
Fastest 7.8km Race Leg, Senior Men: Brian Woodard (30:15)  note: We do not have a split on 1-man team, Robert Killian; his 62:33 combined time hints at a very speedy leg 1, or leg 2, and both!
Fastest 7.8km Race Leg, Senior Woman: Sarah Konrad (33:45)

Best Shooter, Senior: John Hammer, 100%.  Attaboy, John!
Best Shooter, Junior, under age 13: All of 'em, 100%.  Attaboys!!
Clean shooters, Prone, Senior: 29.3%
Clean shooters, Standing, Senior: 19.5%

Your comments regarding the event  are invited (dean at vantagexp.com<mailto:dean at vantagexp.com> ).

Kyle Boschen / Dean Cahow
2012 CBC Relay Co-Chiefs of Competition

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