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Pictures from today's sprint !  Enjoy   ~Lisa & Matt


On Sat, Jan 14, 2012 at 12:03 AM, bwoodard <brian.j.woodard at gmail.com>wrote:

> Based on the large entry field for tomorrows race, we will have two start
> waves and two corresponding zero periods. Listed below is the revised
> schedule and the waves are attached. You will be given you bib at the range
> before zero.
> Sprint Schedule - January 14th
> 9:00 - 09:45 Registration at the range (kids only raceday registration)
> 9:40 - 10:20 WAVE 1 Zero (WAVE 1 includes all kids)
> 5 Minute Pre-Race Meeting
> 10:30 WAVE 1 START
> 12:00 - 12:40 WAVE 2 ZERO
> 5 Minute Pre-Race Meeting
> 12:45 WAVE 2 START
> Thanks,
> Brian
> Brian Woodard
> On Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 1:10 PM, bwoodard <brian.j.woodard at gmail.com>wrote:
>> *CBC Race Announcement - January 14th Sprint, January 15th Pursuit
>> *
>> This weekend is a two day CBC event starting with a two shooting bout,
>> three ski loop SPRINT event Saturday January 14th and a four shooting bout,
>> five ski loop PURSUIT event Sunday January 15th. The shooting order is
>> prone (P), standing (S) for the sprint event and P,P,S,S for the pursuit
>> event. Missed targets result in penalty loops both days, no relay rounds
>> will be used. You are not required to race both days but racers
>> participating in both events start Sunday's race in a time trial based on
>> the previous day's finish at five second intervals (not actual time gaps).
>> As with all CBC events, adult registration is required. The following
>> link allows registration until 5:00 PM Friday (we need to create starts
>> lists, etc. Please register before 4:59 pm Friday). Note the two check
>> boxes at the top of the registration page which indicate the race/day for
>> which you intend to register. REGISTER HERE<https://www.coloradobiathlon.org/raceface/register>
>> Both events will use a similar schedule. The final start order and times
>> will be generated for the sprint event Friday once online registration
>> closes and Saturday post-race once results have been calculated.
>> 9:00 - 9:45 Registration and check-in at the range (*REMEMBER: online
>> registration required for adults*)
>> 9:45 - 10:30 Zero (see note below regarding etiquette)
>> Five Minute Pre-Race meeting
>> 10:45 Group-1 first racer start (Group-1 currently planned as kids,
>> women,a portion of the men which which will be determined after
>> registration close)
>>  11:30-12:00 Group-2 first racer start (this is approximate based on the
>> completion of Group 1)
>> You know them, you love them, we are skiing the "backwards courses". The
>> world will not collapse due to this direction change and you will still
>> have to go to work Monday. But please review the course maps to understand
>> the range entry and exit (*maps are attached* and will soon be available
>> at the CBC Race Information<https://www.coloradobiathlon.org/schedule.html>page). Snow Mountain Ranch received 6-8 inches this weekend so the trails
>> are in excellent condition.
>> SPRINT: Men 10km, Women 7.5km, Youth 6.5km, Kids 3km (Adults shoot P,S,
>> with penalty loops for missed targets)
>> PURSUIT: Men 12.5 km, Women 10km, Youth 7.5km, Kids 3km (Adults shoot
>> P,P,S,S, with penalty loops for missed targets)
>> NOTE: Adults are welcome to ski the distance most appropriate for your
>> ability. Please indicate intended ski course during registration.
>> Your goal is to ski to the mat, shoot five shots, ski away in the
>> direction of normal race exit (exit toward the hut). In an effort to
>> minimize range congestion, please consider the following during zero:
>>  1) Sign-up for a shooting lane and paper. At the CBC range, we zero on
>> the paper to the LEFT of the lane marker and the paper is identified as A,
>> B, C, D, etc. as if you were reading left to right.
>>  2) *When the range opens, go to your lane position and determine a
>> rotation order with those sharing your lane.*
>> 3) Your goal is to ski to the mat, take five shots, exit the mat in the
>> normal range direction. Please attempt to ski away in the direction of
>> travel before moving to a scope. Skiing directly back to the scope
>> contributes to range traffic. Our range is small, we need to make an effort
>> to avoid congestion between the mats and scopes.
>>  4) Do not take corrections while on the mat. Others need to take their
>> shots.
>> Remember: approach, shoot, leave.
>> See you at the races,
>> Brian
>> Brian Woodard
>> <brian.j.woodard at gmail.com>
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> brian woodard
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