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Greetings Once Again CBC Biathletes,

We hope you are enthused by the grand snowfall that primed our CBC Range and courses at Snow Mt Ranch yesterday and by the favorable weather forecast pointed at Saturday.  Further, we hope such enthusiasm will encourage you to participate in the 2012 CBC Relay event (prior announcement reprinted below).    To pile on some more spirit of the thing this message delivers the method by which you are invited to declare your two-person relay team.  Remember that you are asked to a) register individually for the race as you normally would, and b) declare your team in a separate action that will allow us to build start lists for the event and will allow you to size up the competition.

Race Registration:  Use this link  2012-Relay-Registration<https://www.coloradobiathlon.org/raceface/register> or go via the CBC website to register yourself individually.  All Senior racers are expected to do this.

Team Declaration: Use this link Declare-your-team<https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/embeddedform?formkey=dFJyaV9IbWlvZ2hwVHdnNklaMy0xRHc6MQ> to declare your 2-person team.  Note: if you are a free agent we will assist in team building; drop us a note at the email address below.

We will publish a link at the CBC website via which you will be able to view the latest roster of relay teams.

Thank you for your attention.  Expect a final race announcement by Thursday which will include definition of our race courses (Senior and Junior).

Please feel free to contact us at dean at VantageXP.com<mailto:dean at VantageXP.com> with questions or comments.

Kyle Boschen
Co-Chief of Competition, 2012 Relay
Dean Cahow
Co-Chief of Competition, 2012 Relay

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Greetings CBC Biathletes,

We race the 28th!  The event is Biathlon Relay, a unique and exciting format.  You are invited.  Relay injects biathlon racing with heightened elements of team camaraderie and competition, and encourages the hottest output of any biathlon format.

RACE ANNOUNCEMENT: CBC Relay Race, Saturday January 28th, Snow Mountain Ranch.

Important: Volunteer Request
CBC race participation is growing.  This is outstanding.  Concurrently, CBC must grow in the level of volunteer support that makes our races possible.  Contact dean at VantageXP.com<mailto:dean at VantageXP.com> regarding volunteer opportunities at the Relay.  Please note that volunteering need not conflict with your availability to race.

Format and Distances
The race will be run in a 2-person-team Relay Format, from a simultaneous (mass) start.  Team racer #1 will ski three ski legs and shoot two bouts (P,S) before tagging-off and releasing team racer #2 onto the course.  Team racer #2 will also ski three ski legs and shoot two bouts (P, S) finishing the race for his or her team by skiing across the finish line.  Relay-round rule is in effect, meaning that per bout you may fire up to 8 rounds in attempting to score on the 5 targets (5-round mag. + 3 relay rounds).  After each bout, prior to re-entering the course racers are obliged to ski one penalty loop for each remaining missed target.

Each Junior racer will ski a Juniors appropriate total distance (plus penalty loops at 150m each, as applicable).
Each Senior racer will ski 7.8k total distance (plus penalty loops at 150m each, as applicable).
Note: If desired, you may race as a “1-person team” and double your pleasure by skiing both legs of the relay.

Each team will consist of two Juniors (age 16 and under) or two Seniors (age 17 and over).  You may arrange your own 2-person team of any two qualified competitors.  Or, if you wish you may go the free agent path and we’ll connect you with a teammate for the day.  Alternatively, as noted above you may race as a 1-person team.  Next week a final race announcement will be sent to you with the latest information, including simple instruction for declaring the composition of your team (or your status as a free agent).

Teams may and some almost certainly will cross customary age and/or gender based categories.  Therefore, all Senior teams will compete together toward results in a unified Seniors category.  For Juniors, decision on results structure will depend on the range of participant ages (i.e. who shows up to race).

Next week’s final race announcement will include attachment of course maps.

Link to online registration will be opened and announced to you soon.  All Senior competitors are expected to register online.  Note: Though this is a team relay event, you will register individually as always.  The team element will be managed as indicated in the “Teams” section above.

Preliminary Schedule (subject to adjust in next week’s final race announcement)
9:00 - 09:45 Check in for all, and Juniors Registration at the range (raceday registration is for Juniors only)
9:40 - 10:25 Zero
5 Minute Pre-Race Meeting
10:30 START, Racer #1 from each team.

We look forward to seeing you on the 28th.  Please transmit any questions or comments regarding this event to dean at VantageXP.com<mailto:dean at VantageXP.com>.

Kyle Boschen
Co-Chief of Competition, 2012 Relay
Dean Cahow
Co-Chief of Competition, 2012 Relay

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