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We got a few nice photos of the mass start.  Enjoy!



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Subject: [Members] Preliminary relay results are posted!!!

Hey Everyone,
Thanks for coming out yesterday and making it such a fun day!  We also want to sincerely thank our crack staff of volunteers including, in particular, our range chiefs, John Hammer and Chris Wehner, and our timing chief, Joe Crutcher.  We also want to thank
 all of the other folks that pitched in wherever needed whether it involved scoring, pulling targets, helping with the kids or allowing the staff to race too (Thanks Karen!).
The preliminary results are posted.  Please check them out and let us know whether you see any issues. 

For now, the preliminary results are sorted by bib.  Each two person team is in successive order with the first racer having an odd numbered bib and the second racer an even numbered bib (e.g. Ben Blaugrund
 was bib #31 and Mirka Gores was bib #32 and they were a team; Walter Warwick was bib #33 and Nico Toutenhoofd was bib #34 and they were a team).  We also have the data entered so that people will know their individual splits.  Each team's finish time is under
 the finish time column of the second racer for that team while each person's split is under the total time column for the individual racer.
Robert Killian skied the 15k so his time reflects that (Nice work Robert; you and yourself beat everyone).  Jay Evers and Patrick Brower skied the race as if it was sprint and did not tag off to anyone.
We will allow some time for people to contact us (please email
kboschen at boschenlaw.com) to report any issues and then we will post final results in a team oriented format.
Dean Cahow and Kyle Boschen
Co-Chiefs of Competition


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