[Members] CBC Summer Event Wrap

Dean Cahow Dean at vantagexp.com
Sat Sep 15 21:28:56 EDT 2012

2012 Summer Biathlon Racers, Race Fans and Event Supporters,

Marvelous! You are all to be congratulated for the effort you delivered and the event atmosphere you created.  I love the people who love this sport!  Racer's, every last one of you - you are obviously wired for competition, within the field and within yourselves.  It's a great thing to see such mass peculiarity raging so beautifully at one time and place.

Newcomers to biathlon - I especially hope you reaped fine personal rewards on the day and that you are inspired to return for more at the soonest opportunity.  Today, you all exhibited great sportsmanship, enthusiasm and exemplary get-on-after-it!  Outstanding all around!

We hope everyone had a great time today.  As Competition Chief and speaking for the club and our Range Chief (Chris Wehner) and Timing & Registration Chief (Julia Collins), that was our goal.

Many, many of you stepped up to volunteer for the event, in the lead-up to today and on site.  You are all appreciated by the event Chiefs and your CBC clubmates.  The level of desire demonstrated and acted upon by you to facilitate rewarding races for the competitors was fan-bloody-tastic and energizing.  I know that no one could have been other than gratified by the return from those competitors, repaid handsomely in high-level performances and gutsy determination, raging heart rates, barking lactate and scorching lungs.

Highlighting a couple of volunteers is called for.  Not to the slight of any other, but because they really took it on above and beyond.  Julia Collins - Huge effort up to and throughout race day, leading all Registration and Timing activities and helping tremendously our pellet and club-rifle competitors.  Chris Wehner - Range Chief is a long, physical day.  Chris is coming off shoulder surgery and literally gave til it hurt today; he worked for us to the very end, ultimately in the arm-sling that he woulda/shoulda been in all day - I know he was aching.  Lisa Robinson - this joyfully indefatigueable pregnant lady (Due at the New Year) put in a long, hot, motive day that I know was very, very wearing.  I didn't even know she was pregnant when she volunteered last week.  She worked All Day today without losing her mojo.  I asked her a couple times if she would at least rest a spell or call it a day - - not interested.

Our thanks is extended to Boulder Nordic Sport, represented impressively today in race mode and sponsor mode by Jeff Courter.  The prizes were as well received as they were well earned, and generous in value to their soon-to-be snow skating recipients.

I wish I could take the time and space to list all the people who impressed me today.  You are each and all due under the spirit of this message.

Dean Cahow

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Subject: [Members] CBC Summer Event Is Saturday

Good Morning Biathlondom,

Clear blue sky.  65F at 10am.  But a wisp of a breeze.  Tabernash in February, you wonder?  No no, this forecast is for this Saturday only.  Are you registered yet?

This will likely be the final blast to the mass regarding the 2012 Summer Biathlon event.  Pre registration is not absolutely mandatory but is very strongly encouraged and appreciated for operational considerations.

Speaking of ‘operational considerations’, here’s a little tip.  The Snow Mt Nordic Center lodge (where you will park your car upon arrival) is in Summer mode, which means not really open for business. However, I have confirmed with Snow Mt that the restrooms at the lodge will be available to us.  For you newcomers, be advised that there is no up-to-code such facility at the biathlon range, a 5-10 minute walk from the lodge.  ‘ Operational considerations’ exercised at the range area are per your personal discretion and modesty.

We very much look forward to Saturday with you.  Bring a friend.  Once again, give me a shout if you have anything to shout about.

Dean Cahow
Chief of Competition
dean at VantageXP.com

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Dear Biathlon Faithful, and soon Faithful,

To visit Snow Mt Ranch, our beloved CBC biathlon home and competition venue is always a recharging, invigorating experience for me.  To see and feel there reminds me most dramatically of how fortunate we are to have at hand, in a magnificent setting, a remarkable system of mountain trails and one of but a handful of competition worthy biathlon ranges in America.   Our friends and partners at Snow Mountain Ranch continue to support our club and our sport, as evidence revealed to my delight on Saturday.  Trails are mowed and cleared of seasonal fall, as is our range area. Significant trail upgrades (and additions such as Moose Drool singletrack) promise to make our next glides, strides and rides all the more grin and giggly.

This little memo is intended a wee nudge in favor of our Summer event, Sept 15<http://www.coloradobiathlon.org/schedule.html> .  Short story: the venue is ready and waiting for us.  Wanna get invigorated?

[As always, we encourage and request the support of volunteer assistance at the range on event days. If you and/or members of your entourage are available, please advise Dean Cahow, dean at VantageXP.com<mailto:dean at VantageXP.com>.  Thank you.]

[cid:image001.jpg at 01CD8FFD.24E09BD0]
Summer range backdrop.

[cid:image002.jpg at 01CD8FFD.24E09BD0]
Summer landscape.

[cid:image003.jpg at 01CD8FFD.24E09BD0]
“Short” Wilson trail is ready for us.

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