[Members] Jan 5, 2013 Biathlon Rifle Safety Certification Clinic

Bill Quinlan vpsmr at coloradobiathlon.org
Thu Dec 5 10:23:17 EST 2013

The second *and very likely final* safety clinic of this season will be
held at Snow Mountain Ranch on Jan 5th, the day after the SMR Classic Race.
See http://www.coloradobiathlon.org/safety.html for details.  *Please
pre-register as soon as the second clinic registration is available*.  A
email will be sent out to this list when the 2nd clinic registration is
Email with any questions!
Drag your fun loving, snow crazed, competitve friends to the event!
Volunteer at the Dec 7 Sprint race or Jan 1 Mass Start race for Extra
Credit Points!
Skis are required (It's a ski race. You have to learn sometime... Feel the
glide! Individuals afflicted with skiaphobia and other balance disorders
may reluctantly be allowed to use (ugh!) snowshoes).  Great rental & lesson
packages available at the Snow Mountain Ranch Nordic Center.  CBC discounts
available at SMR Nordic Center.
Because of the safety peculiarities of the sport of Biathlon, Hunter Safety
diplomas and other shooting sport licences and certifications are NOT
acceptable as a substitute for this course.  See the
Bill Quinlan
VP of SMR Venue
Colorado Biathlon Club www.coloradobiathlon.org
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