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JP hikerunski at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 11 01:03:27 EST 2013

The biathlon range at Eldora is open. Note that the Phoebe is now
permanently counter clockwise. Last time I was there, the entrance and exit
had not been groomed. The exit has been widened so you should be able to
skate up the hill back onto Phoebe. Both targets are missing a paddle each.
I have one paddle that I will mount this weekend. The left target does not
switch from prone to standing easily, it seems to get stuck, I didn't get a
chance to troubleshoot it. 


The platform is not quite up to par yet, but with more snow and if we all
shovel some snow onto the platform each time we go there, it will be a nice
platform with room for three shooters (theoretically). 


And here's our rules for biathletes at Eldora (no changes since last year):


-          Always use rifle cover when carrying rifle from parking lot to
the range 

-          Do NOT bring the rifle into the warming hut!

-          You need to be a member of CBC and have completed certification
(the red book) in order to use the range

-          Always sign in with your name and date in the book at the range,
feel free 
to make comments

-          Always clean up all brass and used paper targets after you are
done (and take them home with you) 

-          When practicing, you can use the Phoebe Snow Loop and Meadows
Loop without rifle cover, anywhere else you should be using the rifle cover

-          Repaint the targets when you are done (I will make sure there are
spray paints by next weekend)

-          Bring your own paper targets, you can print them out from the
CBC's website:  <http://www.coloradobiathlon.org/images/target.pdf>



Please let me know if anything is missing or broken so it can be fixed.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email


Thanks and get out and enjoy it!


JP Lande

 <mailto:vpeldora at coloradobiathlon.org> vpeldora at coloradobiathlon.org

VP Eldora



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