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Dear CBCers,

  Two more quick notes about our courses: We will be running them in a
*clockwise* direction. Also,they will be flagged in accordance with IBU

     3.3km BLUE
     2.5km GREEN
     2.0KM RED
     1.5km ORANGE
     1.0km YELLOW (at variance w/ Sec, but who's counting)

Walter, CBC President

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Dear CBCers,

    Here are course maps for our State Championships. The eagle-eyed among
you will notice similarities to the courses we've used for the previous two
years. What is it they say about foolish consistency and hobbits? I missed
that movie. Nevertheless, I think these are courses worthy of our state
champs and they do cover terrain we have yet to cover this year.

  For Saturday's Sprint, a three lap, two shoot (PS) race: Senior Men and
Junior Men (19-20) will race the 3 x 3.3km; Senior Women, Junior Women
(19-20) and Youth Men (17-18) will race 3 x 2.5km; Youth Women (17-18) and
all kids between 15 and 16 will race 3 x 2.0km; 13-14 year olds will race 3
x 1.5km (shooting PP); and tots will race 3 x 1km (shooting PP). Also note
that Masters racers wanting to compete as Masters can opt for the 3 x 2.5km
for Masters Men and the 3 x 2.0 for Masters Women. There is, of course, no
requirement that
 Masters-aged athletes compete as such.

  For Sunday's Pursuit, a five lap, four shoot (PPSS) race will cover: 3 x
2.0 & 2 x 3.3 km for Senior and Junior Men; 5 x 2.0km for Senior/Junior
women and Youth Men; 5 x 1.5km for Youth Women and 15-16 yr olds; 4 x
1.0km (shooting PPP) for 13-14 year olds; and the tots will do
another Sprint. Again, Masters races can opt for Masters distances (Sr
Women and Youth Women for men and women resp.) Finally, I expect that
we will use a fixed interval start for the pursuit with start
order determined by the previous day's Sprint result. We will announce
the pursuit start protocol once we have seen the spread of times from
the Sprint.

 The race day schedule for both events will be as follows:

   - 0900 - 0945: Registration and check-in at the range (*pre-registration
   required for ages 13 and up!*)
   - 0945 - 1030: Zero
   - 1035: Pre-Race meeting
   - 1045: Wave 1 start
   - 1200-ish: Wave 2 start

  Awards will be based on Sunday's Pursuit results. We will work as quickly
as possible at the conclusion of the pursuit to clean things up, compile
results and hand out our coveted plaques. Speaking of which, while we have
never announced a formal policy regarding state championship eligibility,
this year we will award plaques to the top three Colorado residents (who
must also be CBC members). The awards "ceremony" will be at the Skinny Ski
cafe. In addition to the plaques, the shooting prime is getting fat (and
phat too, if I do say so myself). I think we'll be at $450 on the line
during the sprint. Last but not least, I'm still looking for a noble
volunteer to serve as co-Range Chief with Chester. Contact me directly if
you can help.

Looking forward to another Championship weekend!
Walter, CBC President
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