[Members] Who said there's no such thing as a free lunch?

walter.warwick at gmail.com walter.warwick at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 16:28:51 EDT 2014

Dear CBCers,

  The summer race is just around the corner (Sunday, Sept 21) but first up is our traditional Saturday work day (Sept. 20). Dean Cahow will be leading the charge starting at 9:00AM at the range at Snow Mountain Ranch. Please RSVP directly to him if you plan to help out (I've cc'd Dean on this note). We have a day-sized to-do list which includes "winterizing" the range hut and providing the targets with some much needed TLC, among other things. Those attending should bring work clothes-- real shoes, pants are nice, and gloves--and small handtools (e.g., a hammer, pliers, standard screw driver). We could also use a few battery powered gizmos (and extra batteries) like a drill or impact driver along with an assortment of bits (Torxs, esp.) and a weedwhacker. Again, those interested in attending should coordinate with Dean so we don't end up with 15 screwdrivers and no drill.

  I'll be arriving at noonish with a free** lunch for all those hardy volunteers. That should leave me just enough time to lord over the accomplishments of all of you fine people.


** Free lunch available only to those who have endured a morning of back breaking manual labor high in the Colorado mountains.

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