[Members] CBC Word Day Report

dean cahow dcahow57 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 18:47:06 EDT 2014

CBC Kinsfolk,

I’m thrilled to report that today’s CBC Work Day effort was a grand and productive success.  Thanks and lavish compliments for tremendous, enthusiastic, spirited, happy teamwork are well earned by Vladimir, Julia, Walter, Elizabeth, Jim, Terry, Tristan, Brent, Mike, Skye, Craig, the new Craig, Chester, Lew, Joe, Jay and Henry - jeesh, I hope I didn’t miss anyone; quite a crew indeed!  All goals and objectives on the day were dispatched with flawless execution.  The CBC biathlon range and Ice Palace are ready for action tomorrow and into the coming winter season.  

My sincerest thanks to all for all you gave today,

P.S.  We have an excellent turnout registered for the Summer Event tomorrow. Good signs all around for a fine CBC season ahead.

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