[Members] Looking ahead to February

collinsja at me.com collinsja at me.com
Wed Jan 27 02:13:37 EST 2016

Fellow biathlon fans,

Our next competitive event will be one short week after Saturday's
Safety Certification Clinic. Head out to the range on Saturday, Feb 6 to
participate in our relay -- specifically, a single mixed relay format.
Technically this format consists of two-person teams, one male, one
female. We will bend this rule, and teams may be any combination of two
people -- young and old, male and female, pellet rifle and .22, or any
other combo you can think of. If a total distance of 7.5 km isn't enough
to get your money's worth, you can race as a one-person team and get in
13+km and a lot of shooting. Knock yourself out!

The basic format: each team member skis two mini-sprints, alternating
with each other. Each team member therefore shoots four times, and three
hand-loaded relay rounds are allowed for each shooting bout (just as
with the other relay formats). Except for the first loop (which may be a
bit longer to allow space for the group to spread out once they leave
the start line), the ski loops will be no longer than 1.5km (a bit under
1km for the 12-and-under crowd). Specifically, the leadoff skier will
ski a loop, shoot prone, ski any penalty loops, ski another loop, shoot
standing, ski any penalty loops *and then immediately tag off to their
teammate*. This process is repeated for the second skier (ski, shoot,
ski, shoot, tag), the first skier again, and then the second skier
again. After the second skier's final shooting bout (the second time
they shoot standing), they will ski any penalty loops and then ski one
more full loop to reach the finish line. The leadoff skier will ski a
total of four loops (~6km for adults), and the second skier will ski
five loops (~7.5km for adults). 12-and-under racers should ski leadoff
for their team (if paired with an older skier), and/or be prepared to
ski a slightly longer (~4km) distance.

If you want to team up with someone in particular, send me an email
(secretary at coloradobiathlon.org) and I'll update your registration
notes.  Otherwise, we'll pair people up on race day.

IMPORTANT: We still need volunteers! We're looking for two timers, and
the usual help with scoring and target pulling on the range. If we're
short on volunteers, we'll have to run two waves in order to cover the
range regardless of the total number of registrants. Help us run a
smooth race by recruiting some non-racing volunteers to help out!

You can see this format in action at this season's first World Cup:


Bonus points if you spot the error that cost France 4 minutes in
penalties. Even the pros get confused sometimes.

See you at the range,

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