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Walter Warwick walter.warwick at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 11:04:56 EST 2016

Dear CBCers,

  I know you've been subjected to a flurry of emails recently, but we're in
the thick part of the season. So, here is one more blast of info...

  First, our second and final Red Book clinic for the 2015/16 season will
be this Saturday at SMR. The AM classroom portion of the clinic will be
held at the Upper Caudill room in the Religious Activities Center--that's
the building just south of the Administration Building. I'm told that
parking and the entrance is on the east side of the building (you might
want to give yourself a few extra minutes for navigation...). Please pass
along that info if you have friends attending the clinic. As Andy
mentioned, it would be nice to have a few knowledge members willing to
share their experience during the afternoon portion of the clinic. Please
let me or Andy know if you can pitch in during the PM. Also, if you're
planning to train at the range on Saturday, be aware that we'll be closing
the range down at noon to set up and host the clinic. Again, a little help
with the set up would be nice, even if you aren't planning to stick around
for the clinic.

  Second, there is no shortage of regional racing in February. After our
first-ever Single Not-Necessarily-Mixed Relay on February 6, there will be
a Sprint race at the Casper Mountain Biathlon Club (
http://caspermountainbiathlonclub.org/) on February 7. That race is part of
our inaugural Rocky Mountain Race series and I know of several CBCers who
are planning to make the easy five hour drive up north. We'll be hosting
our State Championships the following weekend (and there's also an
Individual, another Rocky Mtn Series race, at the Bridger Biathlon Club,
http://bridgerbiathlonclub.org/race-results/). I'll send out more info
about our State Champs next week, but more importantly, I'm looking for
anyone who might be interested in helping me, your dear and exalted leader,
run the races. Contact me directly if you're willing. The following weekend
there will be a Mass Start race in WYS, yet another date on our Rocky
Mountain Race series, and yet another event with CBCers representing. All
racing, all the time.

  Finally, one gentle reminder: Please be sure to maintain close control of
your *cased* rifles whenever you're in the SMR Nordic Center or chillaxin'
post race at the Skinny Ski. I recently received an email from someone who
thought (mistakenly) that a rifle had been left unattended on a lunch
table. Right or wrong, some folks get a little itchy around firearms and I
want to make sure we don't add to any one's anxiety level.

See you at the range!
Walter, CBC President
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