[Members] Summertime at SMR

Walter Warwick walter.warwick at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 12:17:49 EDT 2016

Dear CBCers,

  To help you all cope with the sad, snowless blight of summer, here is the
skinny on range access at Snow Mountain Ranch. As in previous years, CBC
members can access the range during the (almost) 24 hour window between
summer camps. So, you may access the range between 12:01 Saturday afternoon
and 11:59 Sunday morning during the summer months. That 23-hour and 58
minute window is strict and absolute: You *can not* arrive early or depart
late. We *can not* be on the premises while campers are present. Please be
extra respectful of the fact that we are very much the guests at SMR during
the summer camp season.We'll have a a sign up sheet at the range hut and we
need everyone who uses the range to sign in and out. Also, be aware that
you need to be *entirely* self sufficient with respect to shooting
supplies. All the range goodies are packed away during the summer, so
you'll need to bring your own paper, scope, and mat (though there might be
a few carpet squares available inside the hut...but no promises there).
Please contact me or Jim Howe or Dave Hixson (our two new co-presidents at
SMR!) if you have any questions.

  Finally, one more comment about our trusty range hut. We installed a new
deadbolt at the end of last season and not two weeks later the original
keys to that lock had gone missing from the lock box and had been replaced
with a duplicate key. In addition, the little padlock that we had been
using to lock the back room had gone missing too. At first I assumed that
the staff at SMR had taken the new deadbolt keys and old lock, but it
appears I was wrong. If one of you, dear members, knows what came of the
new keys and the old padlock, please contact me as soon as possible. I
would be sad to see the summer camp counselors breaking through yet another
CBC deadbolt lock.

Many thanks,
Walter, CBC President
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