[Members] Anyone want to split competition chief/chief of range duties for TWO biathlons with me ...

Steve Lipsher slipsher at comcast.net
Mon Dec 3 11:03:04 EST 2018

All: You may not know it, but if you volunteer to be chief of race or chief of range for one race, you can race all of the other races this season for free. One really great way to do this is to SPLIT the duties over TWO races with another person; that way, you don't even have to sacrifice competing in a race. One of you performs the duties during the first wave, then you swap out for the second wave. It's a great way to give back to the Colorado Biathlon Club -- and, of course, race for free all season!

That said, I'd love to find a CBC teammate who would be willing to do this with me. I -- as well as our other helpful teammates -- can show you what you need to do along the way, and we don't usually have too much of a shortage of labor to get they physical things done (setting up mats and targets, organizing the timing crew, etc.).

According to the schedule, the following races have openings for one or both positions: 

* Dec. 22 Mass Start
* Jan. 12 Sprint
* Jan. 13 Pursuit
* Feb. 2 Sprint*
* Feb. 3 Pursuit*
* Feb. 24 Relay
* March 9 Individual

Please contact me privately (don't "reply all" to this message) and let me know if you are interested in teaming up with me for a couple of these. Or help fill those empty spots yourselves, with or without a partner. It's my understanding (which may be completely incorrect) that you don't necessarily have to be a competitor to fill those spots, so bi(athlon)-curious spouses/friends/friends-with-benefits conceivably could take on those assignments as well under the correct direction and conditions.

Ski fast and shoot straight! See y'all on Sunday! 



P.S. A couple of us have a mother-in-law unit in a Heber City house rented for the World Cup biathlon at Soldier Hollow in mid-February, and we have room for one or two more, or a total of six people, according to the AirBnB description. Cost is $100 a night, split by however many people we have staying. Let me know (again, privately, not "reply all,") if you want to join in. 
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