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Greetings, CBC et al,

The season opener sprint event will be held this coming Sunday (the 9th) at
Snow Mountain Ranch.  Registration is open via the CBC web site, and will
close at 5pm Saturday the 8th.  All participants that are 13 and older must
preregister, and please do remember to bring your signed waiver with you on
race day.  The Sprint event is a time-trial type event, with 3 loops of
skiing and 2 bouts of shooting (prone, stand); a penalty loop must be skied
for each missed target before heading out for the next skiing loop.

Race day schedule will be per normal:

0900 - 0930: Waiver drop-off, bib pick-up, registration for under-13
participants. *NO bib pickup after 0930*
0930 - 1015: Zero (pellet range open for zero/practice)
1020: Pre-race meeting for all competitors
1030: First wave start
Second wave will start as soon as possible after first wave competitors
have completed all shooting bouts.

Given that this is the first race of the season, Kirk and I decided to keep
the ski loops simple - good shooting and fast skis will be rewarded!  The
race distances might be a tiny bit short in a case or two, but the snow at
SMR is in great shape, and much fun will be had.  We will be skiing the
loops COUNTER clockwise - maps will be posted at the range hut on race day,
as will details of how the approach to the range (and finish line) will
work.  If you are new to biathlon or skiing and would like to ski a
different distance than your age/category would indicate, just let us know
and we can certainly work something out.

Courses (counter clockwise):

Men, Junior Men, ~10k
Swenson, Long Wilson, Just, Davis, Biathlon, Just, Lowery

Women, Junior Women, Masters Men, Youth Men, ~7.5k
Swenson, Heckman, Just, Lowery

Masters Women, Youth Women, Boys 15-16, ~6k
Swenson, Short Wilson, Just, Lowery

Girls 15-16, Boys/Girls 13-14, ~4k
Davis, Just, Lowery
(We will run this group and the 10k men in different waves to avoid
opposing traffic)

Boys/Girls 12 and under, ~3k
Biathlon, Just, Lowery

For those of you coming out for your first race, I would encourage you to
visit the CBC web site FAQ section (coloradobiathlon.org/faq) and check out
the section on race day range etiquette - it is a good refresher on how the
zero period works.

Finally, Kirk and I will be out Saturday afternoon flagging the courses and
painting/prepping the targets.  If you are planning to squeeze in some last
minute shooting practice, please do so before 2pm.  Once the targets have
been painted, there may be enough daylight for the range to be used, but we
would ask that you shoot at paper.  If you absolutely must shoot at the
steel targets post race-prep painting, please ensure that you repaint them
carefully when you are done.

See you on Sunday!


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