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Good morning CBCers!!

Great race this past weekend at Snow Mountain Ranch, eh??

I was speaking to a few new racers afterwards about the North American Cup Races in Casper, Wyoming this weekend. You can continue the racing fun, AND with new snow that fell last night (believe me, I was ascending the Casper mountain, while it was falling) by joining us this weekend’s festivities. There’s an official training day tomorrow, and 2 races over the weekend.

If you haven’t registered, check out the following links for more info.



If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. If you’ve never been to Casper, it’s only 4.5 hour or so drive from Boulder County. I can also recommend places to eat, or grab coffee 🤓 I’m here quite a bit. Also, great ski shops that can turn your skis into rockets 😉😉

Hope to see a Colorado Squad here to represent this weekend.
Naomi Hernandez
310-920- 1290

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Today's Topics:

1. All racing all the time (Walter Warwick)
2. missing post-race (Dave Hixson)


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Dear CBC Peeps,

First, a big thanks to all of you who raced this past weekend. It was a
great start to the season and there's much more to come. In particular,
on-line registration for the Dec. 22 Mass Start is now live. I'll send out
course maps this weekend, but don't delay if you're planning to race. I'll
be keeping a close eye on the registration numbers across categories to
make sure we can accommodate everyone given our humble 14 point range and
there is a possibility that we'll close off registration before the usual
5:00PM prior to race day. I reckon the magic cut-off number to be ~20
racists per wave (given a careful mix of categories within each wave; I
leave the combinatorial proof of optimal wave composition to the reader).
Finally, on a related note, given the limited number of pellet rifles (and
targets), we'll be running a Sprint for the grommets to avoid what would
otherwise mass chaos at that end of the range.

And for those of you who can't wait almost two more weeks for your next
opportunity to shine, the NorAm Cup #3 is being hosted this coming weekend
at Casper Mountain; a quick drive and a great venue. Here is a link to
on-line registration for that event:


See you at the range,
Walter, CBC President
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From: Dave Hixson <hixsondw at gmail.com>
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Subject: [Members] missing post-race
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apologies for the broadcast email. one of the Anschutz club rifle magazines went missing after Sunday?s race.

for those who were helping out with or using the club rifles, it is one of the longer all-black magazines, not a short Savage magazine. it also has a Colorado Biathlon sticker on it.

if someone finds it in a jacket pocket or came across it, please let me know.

thanks much,



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