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Walter Warwick walter.warwick at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 21:40:20 EST 2018

Dear CBC Peeps,

  Just a few bits of info about our racing this weekend. Regarding
distances, I refer you to this helpful corner of our CBC web page:


  Happy to chat with anyone interested in racing "up" or "down" wrt
category/distance; just let me know at bib pick-up.

  Our standard race-day schedule can be found here:


  Two things of note regarding the schedule: First, the rescheduled SMR
classic will be happening tomorrow. They should all be done before we start
racing, but please be mindful of other racers as you make you way up to the
range. Second, we just set a record for registered participants (one step
closer to world domination!). In order to accommodate all 75 of you during
zero, we'll be running two back-to-back 25 min zero periods with a 10
minute  paper change between periods. I ask that you pick one period or the
other and then go for a warm up ski during your off period. This will help
us manage range congestion and give everyone space and time (and paper) for
an efficient zero. This adjustment will also push our first wave start back
15 mins to 10:45. After that, it will be business as usual.

See you at the range,
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