[Members] Provision results and some pursuit beta

Walter Warwick walter.warwick at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 20:32:26 EST 2018

Dear CBC Peeps,

  Provisional results have been posted here:


 We had some score stickies go missing, so if you see a note requesting a
shooting score, please email directly and I'll update the results.
Likewise, if we buggered something up (e.g. shooting score, category, run
time) let me know and we'll try to sort things out. Finally, I know things
got a little chaotic at the left end of the range. Thank you to all the
grommets and club rifle shooters for your kind indulgence; we'll try to do
better tomorrow.

  And speaking of tomorrow, we'll be following the same schedule, with two
important exceptions: First, we'll be starting all the the men racing
12.5km in the first wave, along with all the kids under 15. Masters men and
all the other women will be racing in the second wave. Second, given the
longer race distance, I expect the second wave start to be closer to 12:00
tomorrow (but we will do our best to run things as expeditiously as

Looking forward to another great (and less windy) day of racing,
Walter, CBC president.
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