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Fri Feb 23 11:34:53 EST 2018


 Registration is posted for the March 4th Individual Race.

 Standard distances for Jr., Sr. and Mstr. Men and Women

are available on the registration site.

 The individual race is intentionally meant to be a long race,

I think to strike a lightly more even balance between

skiing and 1-minute penalties. That being said, if the distances

are not compatible with your capability we can figure out a

way to accommodate shorter distances, within reason.

Please let me know directly if you sign up but have a desire

to not race a standard distance (Don't reply to all members please.)

 The format of the individual, as I eluded to above, is a long race

consisting of 5 ski legs, broken up by 4 shooting bouts. The

shooting bout order is Prone-Stand-Prone-Stand.  With WHOPPING

1 Minute penalties assessed for each missed shot.

 I have not finalized courses, but I expect to have them by the

end of the weekend.

 I hope to see you all at SMR on the 4th. We will adhere to

the standard race schedule posted as well as we can.



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