[Members] Anschutz 1427 Biathlon Rifle For Sale

David Bieber dwolfbieber at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 23:07:05 EST 2018

Thought I would pass this on in case someone is looking for a rifle. I was
in Elk River Guns in Steamboat Springs this weekend, and they have a
right-handed Anschutz 1427 biathlon rifle for sale on consignment with the
factory stock and what looks like a an older Eberle stock. The rifle looked
to be in very good condition and I believe that it is complete with harness
and sling. As I wrote, it is a consignment rifle, and as I recall, the
asking price is in the $2400 neighborhood. Their phone number is (970)
879-7565 and the store owner's name is Ken. I have done business with Ken
and have always had good experiences.

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