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Biathlon: from bi- ‘two’ + Greek athlon ‘contest’ ‘test’

In the concentrated span of a couple hours across Saturday and Sunday morning, you folks combined to test much of yourselves in the form of some 80 hours of hard effort skiing.  Amid this challenge you collectively isolated an inner reach for precision in targeting some 1,400 meaningful rifle shots.  

You are wayyyy out in front of most of the global population in the “How was your weekend?” department.  Well done!

On a collateral note, there are a few bits of race debris gathered at the Crystal Palace - - gloves, glasses, cuff, an aluminum collar from a ‘scope, and maybe another item or two.  These are available for retrieval on the NW window sill inside the CP.  Also set aside is a pair of CBC warm-up pants; these are waiting for somebody on a coat hook in the (locked) backroom.

Thanks for coming out for Sprint-Pursuit weekend.  Compliments and sincerest gratitude to the many volunteers who stepped up in abundant good spirit and effect to make the event possible.

Dean & Julia

> On Jan 15, 2018, at 11:32 PM, julia collins <collinsja at me.com> wrote:
> Results for yesterday’s race are posted:
>  https://www.coloradobiathlon.org/raceface/event_days/111/competitors?group_0=category&sort=finish_time
> I still need to re-categorize a few people. If your name is listed in the wrong category, and there’s no note indicating the correct category, please let me know. We also missed a few shooting scores — help filling in the blanks is appreciated.
> Thanks to all participants and volunteers!
> Julia
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