[Members] Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Mark S schwabm3 at hotmail.com
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  The range has been painted with care for the race tomorrow. So, please please please, if you shoot today on metal paint paint paint, even if you shoot clean, paint the paddles. It was in perfect shape after done touch ups late this morning. Thank you much!!!

Also, there was a lot of brass out on the shooting platform. Please clean up after yourself as well as your can, especially on the platform. The brass out there scratches skis, helps melt what little snow we have, and can irk our SMR hosts. Thanks again

Hope to see you all tomorrow at or historic event!!

CBC Secretary
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Dear CBC Peeps,

  Less than 24 hours remain for you to register to become a part of CBC history by participating in our first-ever "Pop-Up" race. Those of you who wisely avoid all things hipster, I promise you this event will be skinny-jean, beard, and macchiato free. So hurry up and register and get yourself to this history-making race..

  And speaking of CBC history, those of you who read the Internet might have noted that our own Joanne Reid was nominated to the Olympic Biathlon team. This is huge! Speaking for the club, I know that we'll all be rooting for her.

Walter, CBC President & Very Stable Genius
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