[Members] Race Saturday! Call for volunteers and race announcement

Elizabeth Pike elizabeth.j.pike at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 23:03:19 EST 2018

Greetings comrade biathletes!

While I lack Dean's ebullience, I share his enthusiasm and desire to have
you all join me for a fun-filled day of biathloning on Saturday.

The race format is single-mixed relay, with the CBC twist that you may
select your relay partner as you wish. In international competition, the
"mixed" refers to having one male and one female member on each team. This
is not necessary for Saturday.

First racer starts in a mass start and skis 1.5km, then shoots prone, does
penalty loops
The same racer skis another 1.5km and shoots standing, does penalty loops,
then tags. So only 2 course loops skied.
Second racer does the same, then tags first racer.
First racer repeats the two course loops and two shooting bouts, then tags
second racer.
Second racer repeats the two course loops and two shooting bouts and skis
one final course loop.

To summarize, first racer skis four course loops and second racer skis five.

Kids under 13 and novices may ski 1km loops and may team with an adult if
they wish.

All .22 racers have 8 shots to hit 5 targets in each bout. The first 5 may
come from the magazine. The 3 spares must be hand-loaded. Shoot until you
are out of bullets or out of targets, whichever comes first.

We are delaying the start of the race by 1 hour to help alleviate overlap
with a middle school and high school race that was relocated to Snow Mt at
the last minute. Expect parking to be an issue and the nordic center
building to be very full. I would recommend against trying to access the
wax room on Saturday morning.

So, bib pickup from 10-10:30, Zero from 10:30-11:15 and with any luck, race
start at 11:30.

We will be running counter-clockwise. The 1.5K course goes out Swenson to
short Wilson, left on Wilson, returns to the range on Biathlon. The 1K
course goes down Davis and returns to the range on Biathlon. Range approach
and tag zone will overlap so please use awareness in that area.

It would be absolutely fantastic to run a single wave so that people
heading home on I-70 can escape before traffic becomes impossible. We will
need plenty of volunteers to make that happen. Volunteers ski for free for
the day, as well. Please let me know if you or a friend/family member can
join us for a couple of hours of fun and frolic on the range. No experience
necessary and there may be chocolate (if I can remember).

Let me know with whom you would like to race! I already have one mixed
gender team and one parent/child team. Notify me by email by close of
registration (5pm Friday).

Should be a good time!


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