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Sun Mar 4 18:44:35 EST 2018


 Thank you all for coming out and racing fast enough to beat the storm!!! What a great day and season!

 Thanks to all the cheifs and all the volunteers today and throughout the season!!!! We can't do it with out everyone's help.

 Provisional results are posted.


Individual 2018-03-04 <https://www.coloradobiathlon.org/raceface/event_days/116/competitors?utf8=%E2%9C%93&group_0=category&sort=distance&sort=finish_time>
Local biathlon club serving athletes in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado, USA. Supports races, clinics, safety certification

 We are missing scores for about 3 shooting bouts, so please if you can remember your score and there is a note by your result asking for shooting info please email me ASAP. There are also a few categories we need to fix, I have notes next to those too, that I will fix them soon. If you are in the wrong category do tell too please. Thanks!!

 We have a minor miracle in the results, and I just had to double check that they are as such but we have a first for the club,  a tie for second place in the men... not just between two competitors but THREE... count 'em... 1 2 3!

(Maybe we need to start millisecond timing?)

 Thanks again all. And do let me know if you see anything a miss.

 I hope to see you all next year if not sooner.

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