[Members] SMR range availability this weekend

Dave Hixson hixsondw at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 20:51:50 EST 2019


this weekend is a busy one at SMR, and the range will be limited in availability.

Saturday morning is the SMR classic race (you should do this, either 7.5k or 15k), and the race course goes right by/through the range area.  Saturday afternoon, we will have the range portion of the red book course.  effectively, the range will be closed all day until about 3-3:30pm on Saturday.

on Sunday, there will be a clinic on the range from 9-12 (see emails from Mark and Walter about clinic).

bottom line:  range closed saturday until 3:30, range closed sunday 9-12.

finally, our friend Brent Skoryi has volunteered to run the sprint/pursuit weekend Jan 12/13, and I am quite sure he would appreciate some additional help.



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