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Sat Jan 12 23:41:36 EST 2019


 Below are the start orders, the plan is to start by bib numbers. You were placed in the same category you raced today if you did a last minute change today. If you did not race today you are placed toward the back of your fields in random order. Generally speaking wave one today is in wave two tomorrow, with a few exceptions for numbers to
work out and to allow for parents to over see youth competitors.

Thanks all. If you happen to see a mistake please let me know.

Sprint-Pursuit 2019-01-13 <https://www.coloradobiathlon.org/raceface/competitors?&event_day_id=124&group_0=category&group_2=distance&sort=bib>
Local biathlon club serving athletes in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado, USA. Supports races, clinics, safety certification

Good night.

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