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Mark S schwabm3 at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 13 17:35:37 EST 2019

Hello All,

  Thanks for coming out and enjoying a wonderful weekend of racing!! Trudging up the squeeky slow snow and toughing out a cold start to the day! Congratulations to all!

 I'd also like to congratulate Vladimir Lyapunov for shooting 4, count 'em up, 4 CLEAN shooting bouts today, and taking the clean prime!

 We also had a fair number of 'Good Shot Glass' winners, kudos!

 I'd like to thank everyone who stays around and/or helps pull targets, paper, score shooting, parents who help watch their youngsters and do all the little things that make these races go.
  And, I'd like to throw shouts out to a few folks who when the extra mile to help over the two days: Mark, Mike, Adia, Tertia, Kristen, Suzy, Dave C., Dave H., Drew, for doing more than their fair share.

  Thanks also to the Comp Staff Brent, Roberta and Paul!!!

  We can't run these races with out all of the help all of you put in. Thank you so much. And I apologize if in my two day post race I missed anyone, I do truly appreciate it.

  Enough of my blabbering, here is the link to the preliminary results.  If you see anything that's off just 'shoot' me a note and I'll do my best to sort it out ASAP.

Sprint-Pursuit 2019-01-13 <https://www.coloradobiathlon.org/raceface/event_days/124/competitors?utf8=%E2%9C%93&group_0=category&group_2=distance&group_5=rifle&sort=finish_time>
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Mark Schwab
CBC Secretary (secretary at coloradobiathlon.org)
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