[Members] CORRECTION: SMR range availability this weekend (19-20 Jan)

Dave Hixson hixsondw at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 15:58:43 EST 2019

I apologize for the extra email.

correction to what I said earlier:  the range will also be open on Sunday, but Maddie will have a clinic that will be using 6 of the firing points.  that leaves 8 for others on this holiday weekend.

may your targets fall...




Maddie Phaneuf will be running a couple of clinics at the CBC/SMR biathlon range this weekend.

Saturday:  Range will be open, but Maddie will have a couple of shooting lanes in use from 10a-2p.

Sunday:   Range will be closed from 9a-12p.  If you are an early riser and want to brave the cold early morning temps we have been enjoying lately, please make sure you are finished up and off the range by 9a.



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