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Thu Jan 31 00:46:18 EST 2019


Included below is a link pointing to a Swix team site to place an order for
Swix biathlon top and race bottom in CBC design. Specifically *the top has
grip material on upper arms (for cuff), elbows, and the front of the suit*
– see second link showing grip detail. On the linked page, you will see:
price, sizing, and the design. *I’m expecting these suits in a month from
the close of the site – YES, I UNDERSTAND IT IS FEB 1 ON FRIDAY.* Site will
be open for one week.


The case-sensitive password is:  SwixCBC

Image of grips here


This has been the worst customer service experience from any company or
person I can recall; a flooring contractor that abandon me after finishing
only part of a job still ranks higher than Swix at this point. *Those that
order this season will be able to provide feedback for others for an early
next season order.*

The team site will allow you to make payment and specify your shipment. *The
team site will be open for one week, closing next Wednesday 2/6.* *We are
only doing these suits at this time with warmups, etc. an option for next
season simply as we need to see Swix delivery on the race suits. *

I am currently applying for a six month job aboard a Norwegian fishing
vessel simply so I can learn a range of Norwegian expletives to allow
writing a strongly-worded complaint to Swix in their native language. And
I’m wearing a hat Swedish flag while typing this message.

Brian Woodard
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