Race Management Tasks
  "raceT" = race time = the start time for the first racer

Competition Chief

     if race is at Frisco, arrange for transport of club .22s (and ammunition) 
     from SMR and back to SMR nordic center after the race. 

     Check with Dave Wells for availability of club radios/arrange for their
      [ all other race supplies should be duplicated at Frisco and SMR in their
        respective supply boxes in the nordic centers]

     check with the previous CBC race's comp chief to see if any other 
     inventory needs to be replenished before race day.

     SMR: be sure clock and timing device are charged up (and computer, if 
     one is used)

  raceT - 2:15 (or earlier)
     review race official lineup and volunteers for that day. Check in with 
     each race official (course, timing, range and registration person). 
     Determine spots still needing volunteers and communicate this to the 
     person handling registration so they can ask racers to sign up to fill 
     in the gaps.

     determine race class schedule (which of men/women/juniors will be first)
     also decide whether there will be a zero period between classes, whether
     all classes can start consecutively, etc. Some of this depends on the
     anticipated volunteer support. Give this race schedule info to the 
     registration person so that they can inform racers as they sign up.

     make sure a jury is in place (or will be). There should be a minimum of 
     three officials for the jury. Make sure jury members know who they are. :-)

     check inventory (club rifles, pellet rifles, ammunition, scoring sheets,
     etc.) Arrange for transportation of all supplies to the range (confer with 
     chief of course for snowmobile transportation). (Large clock etc. may also
     need to be transported at SMR.) Confirm supply transportation timeline with 
     chief of range and chief of timing.

     Tentatively arrange for transportation of any volunteers without skis
     to the range (confer with chief of course)

  raceT - 1:00
     final arrangements for volunteer transportation should be in place

  raceT - 15
     timing chief announces 15 minutes to start
     zero period ends
     any other announcements (e.g., competition jury)
     course chief describes course and answers questions if necessary

  as racers (or race classes) finish
     Cross check Penalty Loops with Shooting Scores - ask for any 
     clarifications as soon after the race as possible.

     post any results immediately after race

  after race
     Collect and count race bibs, collect club rifles and clips, make sure 
     all clipboards etc. are returned to supply box. 

     confer with chief of range, chief of course to make sure arrangements
     are made to return all supplies/rifles/etc. to the nordic center.

     Before leaving for the day, check inventory of paper targets, membership 
     forms, race registration forms, USBA membership forms, ammo for pellet 
     rifles, ammo for club .22s, pencils, scoring sheets, loop count sheets, 
     timing sheets and let comp chief for next race know what needs to be 

     obtain money (receipts) and registration records from race registration 

     Submit to the treasurer:
        Money (if sending to treasurer through US Mail, then cut a check for the
        cash fees received, so as not to send cash through US Mail) or 
        deposit slip representing deposit into CBC account.

        List of seniors racing
        List of juniors racing

	List of memberships received and type (family, individual, junior)

        Fees collected

        Reason for not collecting a fee from a certain individual (and proposed
        remedy, if applicable)

     Submit the results, registration records, and any completed membership
     forms to the Club Secretary. Make sure your name and those of the Comp. 
     Jury are recorded on the results along with their job (i.e. Competition 
     Chief, Range Chief, Course Chief, Timing Chief). Sign the Gray Books of 
     those who were on the Comp. Jury.

     Make sure everything gets cleaned up (or that someone is on the hook to
     take care of the various cleanup duties).


Race Registration
  Need to be able to open registration at "raceT - 2:15" (i.e., 2:15 hours
  before first racer starts)

  BEFORE "raceT - 2:15"
     obtain one club radio; other should go to chief of range (i.e., one at
     nordic center, the other with someone heading out to the course/range)

     check in with chief of competition and confirm zero and race schedule
     Post the schedule somewhere where racers can see it as they register. 
     Also determine what volunteer positions still need to be filled.

  "raceT - 2:15" to "raceT - 1:15"
     Ensure that each racer fills out a race registration form for that day
     and signs the waiver.

     Enter each racer's name, class, etc. on a registration summary list. 
     Be sure to note method of payment and amount on race entry form and/or 
     registration summary list, too.

     Make a note of which individuals will need to use club rifles, air
     rifles, won't be carrying rifles, etc. Record this information on
     the registration summary list.

     Get ages of juniors and review their experience/skill level as they
     register (if not already known). Communicate this information to the 
     range chief and the course chief so that they can set an appropriate 
     course and ensure that the pellet range is supported. Also communicate 
     this to the timing chief.

     Sign up volunteers (and racers, to volunteer when they're not racing)
     for range/timing/scoring/etc. positions yet to be filled

  raceT - 1:15
     close registration. 

     Give registration summary list to Chief of Timing, so that they may
     prepare a start list (or prepare start list and hand that to Timing
     chief). Include bib number assignments on start list.

     Gather up monies received and store safely :-)

  after race: 
     convey registration/membership fees to comp chief along with the
     summary of racers and their classes (treasurer needs this to figure 
     out what needs to be paid to the nordic center). All other records
     should go to the comp chief as well.


Chief of Timing

  raceT - 1:15
     Determine seeding for start and prepare start list (or get start list
     from registration person). Include bib number assignments on start
     list. Bib numbers available are:

           Red - #70-99
           Yellow - #16-30

           Red - #31-49, 60-69
           Yellow - #1-15 (13 missing)

     You may want to inventory the bibs in the supply box before it
     heads out to the range and make sure they're all there. Let the
     Comp Chief know if any are missing.

     give SMR staff a copy of the start list if they're helping with
     the timing. 

     post a start list at the range

  "raceT - 1:00" to "raceT - 0:15"
     pass out bibs (at range)

  raceT - 0:15
     give first call for start 

  from raceT until the last racer has finished:
     start race; record bib numbers and start times
     record bib numbers and finish times

  after race
     collect all bibs/count to make sure all are there. Put them in
     the supply box so that they get returned to the nordic center 
     Let comp chief know if any are missing.

     Figure final placement considering range holds and infractions, 
     post results - decide on protests with Comp. Jury


Chief of Range

  Note: at SMR, set up pellet range as well. The following timeline
  assumes a 1-hour zero period before any racing begins.

  WELL BEFORE "raceT - 1:15" (i.e., ~2 hours before scheduled race start --
  be sure to allow yourself time to get to the range)

     recruit any other early racers to help you set up the range

     Clear snow from metal targets (especially from behind the targets, so 
     that nothing interferes with the target reset). 

     Test all target reset lines to make sure they're resetting correctly. 
     Note any "off" targets and don't set up those points.

     paint metal targets if necessary

     unroll reset lines

     hang paper targets for zero using thumbtacks or staple gun which should
     be in supply box

     arrange carpets at firing points

     Set up spotting scopes/monitor positioning of spotting scopes -- all 
     scopes must be positioned at the back of the range!

  At "raceT - 1:15" 
     officially announce that range is open for zero

  "raceT - 1:15" until "raceT - 15"
     assign zero lane/paper to competitors as they arrive at range (use
     white board or recording scheme of your own choosing)

     Set up/zero club rifles (including pellet rifles if necessary)

     monitor range safety (keep eyes open for closed bolts, people spending too
     long at a firing point, etc.)

     Locate all range and penalty loop volunteers. Review scoring and rules 
     for new volunteers.

  raceT - 25
     announce range closing in 10 minutes
  raceT - 15
     close range. 
     Get range and penalty loop volunteers in place; answer any scoring/rules 

  during race: 
     make sure people are manning their assigned scoring positions

     be ready with extra rounds for misfires; help (and note, if it affects 
     the racer's time and we need to adjust accordingly) with any rifle/target 
     problems, make sure volunteers are available to assist pellet rifle users 
     and club .22 users. ( == Oversee scoring and range holds)

  [ repeat zero period between race classes if needed ]
     close range
     hang new paper
     assign zero lanes
     announce range opening and time it will be open
     close range at class-raceT-5 or earlier

  [ repeat race monitoring duties for each class of racers ] 

  after race:
     reopen range and monitor range after the race if people want to get in some 
     shooting practice.

     Close range for the day (announce that range is closed).

     Cleanup:  roll up reset lines, clean up all paper, return carpet to warming
     hut (or storage location at Frisco), pick up brass

     collect club rifles, clips and ammunition; make sure all are transported 
     back to the nordic center and stored in cases.

     make sure supply box is transported back to nordic center


Chief of Course 
  raceT - 2:15 (or earlier)
     Check with nordic center staff for course conditions, grooming status, 
     etc. Make final course loop decisions and confirm this with nordic 
     center staff (so they know where we'll be skiing). 

     give registration person a map of the day's course, so racers can check
     it out at registration.

  "raceT - 2:00" to "raceT - 1:15" (i.e., finish by start of zero period)

     Check out snowmobile, flags to mark course

     check in with comp chief; confirm transportation schedule for supplies 
     and volunteers 

     transport club rifles and supply box to range by start of zero

     Set trail and range flags 
     Post loop colors for Men and Women at the range

  "raceT - 1:00" - "raceT - 30"
     transport any volunteers without skis to range no later than raceT-30

   raceT - 15
     during announcement period, describe course and answer questions if 

   after race: 
     return volunteers to nordic center if needed

     return club rifles and supply box to nordic center (check with chief
     of range, comp chief on transportation schedule)

     pick up all flags and return snowmobile and flags to nordic center