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Clinics are generally held in October and mid-season and are limited by volunteer instructor availability. Clinics are announced via the CBC Members mailing list, our Twitter feed, and are posted on the CBC web site. You can participate in our winter events with a pellet rifle on the 10 meter range if you haven't attended a Red Book (safety certification) clinic.

NOTE: You can NOT use a .22 rifle in a race if you have not been safety certified! Air rifles and the associated targets are available at the Snow Mountain Ranch race venue for individuals who have not yet attended a safety clinic. If you have previously participated in a summer biathlon event, please note that the summer race briefings do not satisfy the safety certification clinic attendance requirement for winter race participation.

  • Clinic attendees under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or coach.
  • Clinic attendees must be at least 11 years of age.
  • Individuals age 11-12 who have their own .22 rifle may attend a safety certification (Red Book) clinic and use their .22 rifle when racing.
  • Competitors using CBC club rifles in races must be 13 as of December 31 of the winter competition season (e.g., age 13 by December 31, 2021 for the 2021-2022 winter season).
  • All range users under the age of 18 ("under-aged person") must have a Red Book Certified parent or assigned responsible adult (at least 18 years old) closely supervise their .22 caliber or pellet shooting activities on a one-on-one basis for practice, certification, training and races. During races when the Red Book Certified under-aged person is using a .22 caliber rifle, the supervising adult or parent must remain in the coaching area. "Closely supervise" is interpreted to mean that the supervising adult must be within 20 feet of the shooting position during the shooting interval. "One-on-one" shall be interpreted to mean that the responsible adult may not supervise more than one under-aged person at the same time. The responsible adult may supervise multiple persons serially and without overlap.
  • Refer to the competition categories information for more details.
  • Cost for Certification Clinics is $20.00 plus the cost of a USBA membership, which must be purchased directly from USBA. Either an annual or one-day USBA membership is acceptable, and is necessary to comply with insurance requirements. Visit the USBA web site to create an account and purchase a USBA membership. CBC membership is not required, but is appreciated.
  • Club rifles and ammunition are provided for clinic participants. If you already own a suitable .22 that you'd like to use for racing, bring it (and ammunition) with you. Ammunition must be standard velocity .22 long rifle. Attendance at a Certification Clinic provides lifetime safety certification with the USBA/CBC.

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