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Scheduling at Snow Mountain Ranch

Due to the difficulty with access while Camp Chief Ouray is in session, we have been scheduling our “summer” race after CCO is closed for the season (last few years have been second or third week of September).

Work with the CBC SMR VP to confirm a date with the SMR Activities personnel.

USBA Insurance

Contact the CBC Secretary to coordinate submittal of a summer event request for insurance. Unlike our winter events (for which insurance incurs no extra charge), USBA insurance for the summer events typically requires a payment.

Competitor Requirements

  • Race-day briefing attendance, OR
  • Previous summer race experience, with race-day briefing attendance, OR
  • Red Book holder

The race-day safety briefing does not need to be presented by a Winter Event Safety Certifier. However, it should be presented by someone with biathlon experience, including events at Snow Mountain Ranch.

Sport vs. Match Categories


  • No use of sling/cuff in prone position
  • Shoot offhand (standing, big) targets for both prone and standing bouts
  • All club rifle users presumed to be in Sport category


  • Using sling/cuff in prone position
  • Shoot prone (small) targets in prone position.

Event staffing and volunteer requirements

Suggested roles:

  • Competition Chief(s)/Race Director(s) 2016: Jim Howe, ?
  • Registration
  • Timing Chief
  • Timing Assistant
  • Course Chief
  • Safety Briefing
  • Range Chief (.22)
  • Range Chief (pellet)
  • Range support to help new competitors with club rifles (one or two people during zero periods)
  • Scorers (at least three unless we have a really small turnout, plus one for pellet range)
  • Target pullers (two or three)
  • Penalty loop counters (one or two)
  • Bike shuttlers (Mountain Bike event only) (at least two; three or four if we have a pretty big crowd) Our 2014 experiment with having people deal with their own bike worked out ok

Safety Briefing

Tasks and supplies

  • Submit request for insurance. (Julia)
  • Fill race organization/volunteer roles (see list above).
  • Confirm courses
  • Coordinate course preparation with SMR (mowing, including range area)
  • Confirm with SMR that Nordic Center and/or Legget Building will be open for access to restrooms. Any more discussion of renting a Port-a-potty?
  • No later than September 14, take inventory of supplies at SMR. Arrange for any new signs that need to be made, supplies purchased, etc. Required supplies:
    • Shooting mats
    • Paper targets (at least 60)
    • Paint (white, orange, black)
    • Score stickers
    • Large score grids (Four of the 4-shoot version, two of the 2-shoot version)
    • .22 rifles (six rifles)
    • .22 ammunition (at least two bricks)
    • Daisy air rifles and “clips” (should be two rifles, and at least two or three of the little ammo clips in a small plastic box inside of the orange ammo box).
    • Pellet (.177) ammunition (two or three tins)
    • “Begin walk zone” sign (one or two)
    • “End walk zone” sign (one or two)
    • “Start” sign
    • “Finish” sign
    • “Penalty loop” sign
    • Various directional signs to guide people to the Nordic Center parking, and then guide them as they walk/ride to the range.
    • Bungee cords for mounting signs.
    • Flags for marking courses.
    • Tyvek bibs In supplies currently in Julia's possession Do not re-use bibs from the run for the bike event! Scoring chaos will result.
    • Safety pins In supplies currently in Julia's possession
    • Zip ties to mount bike numbers. In supplies currently in Julia's possession
    • Winter bibs (just in case!)
    • Reset lines for all .22 targets
    • Shooting mats
    • Pencils and sharpener
    • Stop watches (two)
    • Functioning staple gun and staples
    • Club scopes (two with CBC labels, plus one that has Julia's name on it plus “CBC”) and tripods.
  • Other supplies not at SMR that will need to be organized and conveyed to the event.
    • PCP rifles Julia has these; need to hand them off to an event chief
    • PCP pump Julia has this; need to hand it off to an event chief
    • Paper entry forms
    • Water coolers Purchasing two or three 5 gallon containers of water is usually the easiest route
    • Paper cups
    • Snacks, refreshments (fruit, energy bars, etc.)
    • Prizes. Ideally, we at least want something for the top male and female in each of Sport and Match categories, both run and bike (8 total). These can be purchased or donated, if anyone has good contacts.
    • Weed-whacker (see “Workday tasks” below)
  • Workday tasks: Typically, the day before the summer race is used to take care of various range chores.
    • Mow down any weeds that were missed by SMR
    • Zero club rifles.
    • Check that restrooms (Nordic Center and/or Legett Building) are well-stocked with toilet paper and paper towels.
    • Once range area is mowed/prepped, move rifle racks to center of range area (to guide traffic through range). Rifles will be mounted on the side away from the firing line (i.e., racks will be reversed from their usual winter orientation).
    • Flag courses, put signs in place for start/finish, walk zone and penalty loop.
    • Mount directional signs at SMR entrance, through SMR, at Nordic Center and on trail between Nordic Center and range.
    • Paint targets
    • Confirm targets are all functional (note any that are not, so we don't try to use them on race day)
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